Sponsors and Perks

SnoValley VeloClub perks includes club shirt, access to big team discounts on many brands, club events, team rides, and the ability to purchase team gear through our deal with Primal to support looking good and promoting our sponsors.

No Boat Brewery (*New Title Sponsor) – funding for infrastructure, overall discounts and gathering space

NW Bicycles (*New sponsor. Kevin Flynn)

  • Free install on parts purchased from your shop (you can determine if/what any discount on the parts cost)
  • VIP service (either one free per year or we can charge $20 per use)
  • Annual buy a bike discount (optional if you can work something out)
  • How-to events (i.e. how to change a tire)


Peaks Sports and Spine Physical Therapy (*New sponsor) – Offering complimentary pre-injury screenings and hosting workshops and clinics

John Duggan (Cycling Attorney) – John Duggan is here to help us with the reality of when things go wrong.

Compass Adventure (Luke Talbot) – supporting sponsor, premier outdoor adventure camp and guide service for Snoqualmie Valley. Luke and his team can show you around on foot, bike, water, and beyond. 10% discount on all services. www.compassoutdoor.org

PromoteCycling (Jeff Scott/Eric Norris) – supporting sponsor, organizes major events. PromoteCycling is all about creating space to unlock your potential – to get fit, enjoy outdoor adventures and share experience with nature and others. www.promotecycling.com

Clearwater School – supporting sponsor, liberating kids since 1996 as part of the Sudbury Valley School promise. K-12. Run democratically, ensuring each student’s voice is heard and valued. Graduates move into their adult lives self-confident, articulate, resourceful and motivated. Where school isn’t practice, it’s real life. www.clearwaterschool.org

Snoqualmie Valley Kids Dentist, Snoqualmie Ridge – supporting sponsor, specializes in treating children thru adolescence. 10% off all treatment fees. www.snoqualmievalleykidsdentist.com

Gianfranco Italian Restaurant, Snoqualmie – supporting sponsor. No discounts www.gianfrancosnoqualmie.com

Cannella Creative – supporting sponsor.

The Healing Garden Massage Therapy (Heather Ryan LMP), North Bend. Supporting sponsor. 10% discount on sport massage and craniosacral therapy services, strong focus on overall health. www.TheHealingGardenMassage.com

The Bindlestick Coffee, Snoqualmie – discounts include 20% off Coffee and $1 off beer – bottles and draft! www.thebindlestick.com

Primal Wear, founded in 1992, has emerged as the leading designer and manufacturer of premier cycling apparel for teams, clubs and events around the world. Primal is committed to the progression of cycling for all abilities and dedicated to promoting and sponsoring events that benefit people’s lives. www.primalwear.com