Ride Report: Flying Wheels

After Andrew’s Wednesday night road ride, at No Boat, Phil Stevens reminded us that Flying Wheels was in 3 days and that we should have a SVVC presence there, so at about 6:30 am Saturday 6/10, Phil and I rolled out of Marymoor Park for 100 miles, with Mike Hanney and 3 of his friends following shortly after. It’s always smart to go early to avoid the big crowds both at the food stops, and on the road. The weather was a little cool and spit on us briefly, but there wasn’t much wind to speak of, so that was nice.
I hadn’t ridden farther than about 60 miles so this was a bit of a stretch with little notice, but I made it until about 85 miles before my knee started hurting and the power went out, but I was able to suck it up and get home. Phil was strong all day, and took off with about 8 miles to go to catch some people that had bombed the last hill and got ahead of us.
Overall, everything went well, no flats, weather was good, only a few obnoxious drivers, the stops were well staffed and we kept up a good pace. It was a much better route than last year with all that street stupidness around Newcastle/Bellevue/Newport. Mike rode for awhile with us before they split off for a different distance, and Mike’s buddies had to keep barking at him to slow down (I think somebody’s been doping, or Zwifting). I saw later that Tim Heuer also rode and had a solid pace as well.
Good job everybody and thanks for the pulls Phil!
eric n

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