Meet The Board

Jeff Scott

Co-founder, Director

Lifelong passion for cycling including adventure touring, racing (road, cx, mtn). Raced in 300+ events over last 30 years, most memorable in the 7 stage Casper Classic.

Bike touring started as a teen including Pacific Coast, solo crossing North America, tours in Canada, Europe, rides in India. Coordinated the DarWin (Darrington to Winthrop) group cycling event which ran for 10 years, and which will return again.

Taught spin at Mt Si Sports for a decade, and coached developing racers in Criterium and Road. Spending winter training on the Zwift indoor platform, which I highly recommend.

Plans to develop the hobby into my next day job. Love the Snoqualmie Valley and the SVVC.

Ride on!!
– Jeff


Andrew Leon

Co-founder, Director

The Snoqualmie Valley is as good as it gets for all cyclist. Even my love for the road can’t deny the desire to pull out my cross and mountain bike to explore the wonderful trails and wilderness we live in. After spending nearly a decade exploring our valley, I am honored to be one of the founding members of this club – having helped run many aspects over the years. My vision was always centered around something that helps bring us together to share this passion and tying it back to the community that we treasure.

My long tenure racing, commuting into the city, building relationships in the community, and exploring the valley will help guide the club and our rides. I am always open to lending training or racing advice and I am always appreciative of those that can show us new routes as there is so much to explore.

– Andrew


Scott Davis

C0-founder, Director

Been on two wheels for 40 years. Like a lot of cyclist, I fell in love with riding at a very early age. There is an indescribable freedom on two wheels. My early passion helped me get into racing in high school and later, the collegiate level. My most memorable road race was a Time Trial in the Tri-Cities. Most epic MTB adventure was a 12hour ride, lost half the time, around Priest Lake, ID and my craziest crash was a high speed decent on Silver Mountain, first time I actually road over another rider at 40+mph. With the exception of tire tracks across his back, Mark was fine.

The Snoqualmie Valley has been home for 16+ years now. The access to outdoor activities and the people will keep us here for the foreseeable future.

When it comes to the club, SVVC means a lot to me personally. SVVC itself is relatively new and, like me, has aspirations for doing more in our community to promote cycling, raise awareness and continue our best efforts to be a great contributor to our Valley community. Through the club’s efforts, my hope is that we can inspire more people to embrace the sport of cycling, grab that helmet, go ride and push yourself.

My role with the club is taking care of the back office by managing the finances, insurance, USAC affiliation and whatever else falls into the category of operations.

Hope to see you out on the road or on the trail!

– Scott


Eric Norris

Director, sweeper, water bottle fetcher

I started riding again in 2008 after ACL surgery and it was not pretty. I was 50 lbs. heavier and I couldn’t climb anything – one look at the top of a hill and it was bonk-city. I finally started getting over the hump while training for a 1-day solo STP attempt which was successful.
Fast-forward to 2016 and I have done centuries, double centuries, tough backcountry gran fondos, triathlons, road races, cyclocross races, I even joined a bike club, and now am on its board. It’s been an amazing ride and I am really enjoying this.

Now I try to ride gravel as much as possible to get off of the roads and we have some great gravel in the Valley. The nature trip right out our back doors never ceases to amaze and inspire me. Just hearing my cleats click in is like music to my ears and my soul.

My wife Malinda and I grew up in Seattle, and moved to Snoqualmie in 2010 and absolutely love living here. I have been coming out here since there was a stoplight on I-90 in downtown North Bend.

Being part of this club has been a great experience, I’ve met a whole new world of cool and like-minded people. I continue to get dropped by some very accomplished riders and it’s all good. I’m getting stronger all the time and am light years better than just a few years ago.

Looking forward to helping this club evolve and grow into 2017.

– Eric

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