Club Rides

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Ride Details

3/8/18: Weekly rides will fire up again soon, we’ll make sure to update our Facebook page

Wednesday Evenings Road Ride

We leave from Bindlestick in downtown Snoqualmie at 6:30PM – the route will be clockwise loops around Tokul (takes about 20 min per loop). The goal is to have a close and short loop that allows us to diversify the workout and not lose anyone so we can all enjoy the reward of a beer at the end (we can decide as a group where to indulge). In the past, some folks just do two and meet us there and go easy or don’t worry about the pack – but, the hope is to get some intensity (it is designed to be short and harder – but, you don’t need to worry about getting dropped because we are just going in circles).

I hope we can get a good group together for some cat and mouse and that we provide a great venue for those that want to slowly build their fitness before summer passes us by.


Both days will be at our normal time slot. We will play it by ear as to where we go (upper vs lower valley) and how long based on weather and who shows up. Always helps if you let me know you are coming. We leave on almost dead on as we have others to pickup along the way – headed out to do the sweep of the upper valley riders toward North Bend.

We have had large enough groups both days that we have been able to have a fast and slow group. So, don’t be afraid to come out on Saturday too (there have been people there wanting to go short and slow also). We go almost 12 on Sunday! Dust off the bike and join us – this is the time of year!

Saturday – 9AM from Northwest Bikes
Sunday – 9AM from Northwest Bikes
+10 min at Bindlestick (in the back) – picking up anyone from Snoqualmie that doesn’t want to climb the hill to meet us
+15 min on Reinig Rd (between Mill Pond and the T at the base of Ernie’s grove) – picking up those from North Bend

Thursday Evening Gravel Grinders

Leave from Bindlestick at 6:30pm, ride is generally 1.5 – 2 hours, and routes vary, the SVT (SnoValley Trail) up to Rattlesnake is a staple, the Iron Horse Trail from Rattlesnake Lake to the Pass is good, the Iron Horse trail fro Hyak eastward toward Cle Elum has tons of options, like Stampede Pass. rides, when it’s open, we often ride in the Snoqualmie tree farm (Campbell Global, for access pass info), and in the fall (now), we have some cyclocross training options as well.

Group Ride Spring 2018 Schedule (TBA)

This is the tentative ride schedule for Spring 2018 (COMING SOON). The more people we have, the more options we will all have. Since we all have lives, we would ask members to help suggest and lead rides, especially on Summer weekends. Times and days are flexible according to majority wishes.


We hope you have an enjoyable and safe cycling experience, and find rides that suit your riding style and fitness level.

In case anybody is hesitant to join on a ride, please don’t be, there is nothing uptight about us, there are no cliques and no attitude. All you have to do is show up. You are not going to get left behind, ever. Just come out and try it!

Remember this, we are a recreational riding club, not a race team. While we have people who race in all kinds of disciplines, we really just want to have fun and share some good times riding in one of the most beautiful areas in the country.



You are responsible for your own decisions on the ride. To ensure you safety and that of others however, we do have some regulations as follows:

Cyclists are required to wear a helmet correctly adjusted.

Participants must sign a waiver including an emergency and/or home phone number.

Riders must cycle in a legal, safe and courteous manner. Never ride with earphones or earbud(s). Pull off and stop when using a cell phone.

Participants should carry a pump, spare tube, patch kit and money and know how to fix their own flats. We offer classes if you don’t know how.

Plan to arrive at least ten minutes before the start time with their bicycle ready to ride. This allows time to sign the waiver, listen to route instructions, meet the leader, and look at the map if available.

For the group’s enjoyment as well as your own, choose a ride at the pace and distance that matches your current ability.

Not every ride stays together. Please read the ride description (drop vs no drop).
All participants are expected to be personally responsible for his/her own conduct and decisions while on a Cascade ride.

PARENTS OF NON-CLUB MINORS: Minors on rides must be accompanied at all times by their own responsible adult. If the adult is not the parent, the parent must be fill out the consent form, signed by the parent, and given to the ride leader. If the minor is 16 – 17, he or she may ride without an adult but STILL must have the signed parental consent form.